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  Recent Digimon News
New Toy Reviews

We've got reviews for the D-Real Justimon, Saint Gargomon and Dukemon. The new toys are AWESOME! The best Digimon D-Reals ever. And you cannot find these toys at any American toy store, they're straight from Japan. That means higher quality and more accessories.

D-Real Reviews.

01/20/08 | News Update | Source: Digishakers

Want To Join Us?
We've got openings for people who'd be interested in being part of our site.

We're looking for:

* Artists (whether it's Photoshop or by hand) If you're really good, we could even include your work in our next Shockwave Game.
* Reviewers (Toys/TV show/Games/Cards)
* Writers (News updates, columns)
* Game Masters (Tips on how to play the card game).

E-mail us at adminguy@digishakers.com with a description of who you are, what you'd like to do and why you'd be good at it.

If you're accepted, you'll get your name plasted all over our site, the chance to have your own digishakers e-mail address, first crack at any games and video clips we launch on our site, and full ownership of your own section on Digishakers.

01/20/08 | News Update | Source: Digishakers

 New Updates and News
Video Clips
TWO more video clips from Diaboromon Striks Back added.

* Omnimon vs Armagemon, Round 1.
* Omnimon vs Armagemon, Round 2.

Check out these and SIX more clips in the Video Clips section.

| News Update | Source: Digishakers
Games and Reviews

On-line games

We have an on-line Digivice you can use to find out what kind of Digimon you are.

We also have Digimon Rescue, a Shockwave puzzle game that'll blow you away.


We've started with Toy Reviews. First up is the D-Real / Digi-Warrior Gargomon. We'll be reviewing the rest of the Tamer toys in the coming weeks.


We saw the 4th Digimon Movie over the weekend, and have a detailed review and summary of the movie. It's almost like being at the theater. There's only one thing better than that.

12/21/01 | General Update | Source: Digishakers  
You Want Digimon Stuff? We've Got It!
One of the net's best Digimon store is running 24x7 now. Please take a look through and see if there's something you might want, like one of the new season 2 VHS tapes. It helps us out everytime you make a purchase. Thanks.

Digimon Store

Plus, contact page is open. Drop us a line if you can.

Contact Us

12/13/01 | Update | Source: Digishakers  

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